Mama & Little, the original on-trend teething jewelry! + Giveaway


When I first had Sebastian I wasn’t quite sure how to soothe him when he first started teething, I think the only thing I used was oral baby gel and store-bought teething baby toys, which were a hassle because Sebastian would constantly drop them on the floor and then would want to put them back in his mouth, it became a pain to rinse and disinfect every five minutes. It was then, that I went online in search of a more practical teething option, something that would work not only to soothe my baby but something that would also make my life easier.


I had seen some teething jewelry at Target, but I wasn’t too convinced because they were bulky, ugly and had the most hideous range of colors to choose from. One day as I was mindlessly strolling through Instagram, I came across a picture from Mama & Little and instantly I was blown away by how beautiful their teething jewelry is. It’s perfect to soothe and entertain baby, practical, affordable, super cute and stylish for mom to wear. Immediately I went ahead and purchased a teething necklace from their site, in hopes that our teething jewelry search was over.


Arleene along with her husband, Hyrum and their son Archer, run Mama & Little, created after their son was born, Mama & Little is the original on-trend teething jewelry, and you can read more about their story here! What I love about Mama & Little is that is founded by real parents and moms of teething babes know how painful it is to watch your little babe in pain and not be able to make it go away. They also know that their little ones will grab just about anything within reach and start chomping. Fortunately, specially designed teething jewelry like MAMA & LITTLE is made to wear by mama and be gummed by little mouths. Made from 100 percent food-grade silicone teething necklace for mom (not intended for babies to wear!) and their signature hexagon shaped silicone teething beads promote tactile awareness and are perfect as a nursing necklace.


Necklaces are approximately 14″ drop length with safety breakaway clasps and exposed cord around the neck to prevent hair from getting pulled, huge plus. Also, something I really like is that their teething jewelry is dishwasher safe on the top rack making this silicone baby teeter easy and convenient to clean. Mama & Little will become the perfect alternative baby teething toy that you’ll want to wear every day to soothe your teething baby, but way prettier hanging around your neck or wrist. Available in a rainbow of styles and colors. 


They recently launched their first apparel items and I am obsessed with one of them, there ‘MAMA’ t-shirt. I’m a huge fan of this t-shirt its ultra comfortable, with a great stretch for day-to-day wearability. If you are on the hunt for the perfect T, your search for the ultimate basic mom T-shirt is officially over. This tee is soft enough for even the most sensitive skin. It’s available now and you can dress it down with your favorite jeans or dress it up any way you way! No matter how you wear it, it’s guaranteed to be soft and stylish to wear. I love this company so much I have partnered up with them to giveaway a $50 store credit to shop on their site, head over to my Instagram to enter!


“The Wear Everywhere Jewelry For The Mama who does it all with style” – Mama & Little

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Simple Home Care

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetI get asked a lot how do I find the time to keep a clean home, the truth is our home is not always clean. I have come to terms with myself that it’s okay not to always have a perfectly spotless home, but I do try to keep it clean enough where it’s organized and functional for me and my family. The kitchen is the room in our house that gets the most traffic and a dirty kitchen is hard to cook in, at least it is for me. I clean for my own sanity, to be honest. It drives me insane to be in a room where nothing is in its place and I just can’t function properly.

I have simplified my daily chores and have categorized them by:

+ Morning daily chores

+ Evening daily chores

+ Weekly Chores

My evening chores are super important to me because they will determine how my morning will look like. I currently don’t work and my children haven’t started school yet but If we have plans to leave for the day I prep snacks, outfits and pack a diaper bag the night before. It makes getting dressed and out the door so much quicker and less painful when you have kids and only two hands. But most importantly it’s coming back to a clean home, where we can relax, play and actually enjoy being home.


You can print My Simple Cleaning Routine and implement my daily home care routine as shown below.

My Simple Cleaning RoutineThe trick to creating a peaceful home that works for you and your family is to create a simple, functional routine that doesn’t consume a lot of your time but helps you prioritize to help you get the job done. Create a rhythm that is designed for your life. Keep your list short and simple. Make it yours, be consistent and stay focus.

You can categories your routine by:

+ Morning and night

+ Daily

+ Weekly or bi-weekly

+ Day

+ Time

+ Zone

+ Task

Before creating my basic quick and easy routine I use to be so overwhelmed and my to-do list kept getting longer and nothing was getting done. I have a deep cleaning, monthly and seasonal routine as well. I focus on basic routines for my daily schedule and tackle the heavy stuff in the evening when my husband is home and after the kids are asleep. So work around your time, necessity and energy on what you want to keep clean.


If I have a messy house, which is often and I don’t know where to begin I start cleaning by zone:

+ Bedrooms

+ Bathrooms

+ Living and Dining

+ Kitchen & Laundry Room

+ Sweep and Mop at the very end

Not only will this help you get your home clean but most important help you make mornings more bearable. I love waking up to a clean home because it gives me room to breathe, to start my day slow and allow myself to enjoy a hot cup of coffee without having to rush and clean before the kids wake up. Processed with VSCO with a6 preset