Mothering Three Little Birds Shop

Mothering Three Little Birds Shop

A small shop inspired by my children to bring you hands-on learning resources and spark creativity in your child’s everyday life.

“Quality time with your child is an investment that pays off, BIG TIME”

You know what I love most is when my boys are learning through fun hands-on activities and they don’t even notice how much their big brains are learning. The most frequent question I get asked is “How do you manage to teach your little ones when all they want to do is run around and won’t sit still?”

Well, that answer is simple, I choose activities that they are interested in, like creating shape play-doh cookies and pretending we work at a bakery, counting and sorting their hot wheels or LEGOS by shape or color, by playing “What do you see” while we are driving. Reading books together, and scheduling time to really sit down and intentionally play with them is my daily main goal.

I feel that teaching to me comes natural and when someone mentioned the idea they were interested in my printables I knew I had to create something simple for you to teach and your children to really enjoy doing because I believe learning should never feel like work or spend endless boring time doing workbooks pages.

You need to remember that small children’s only job is to PLAY, PLAY, PLAY and you need to take advantage of all that energy and if your little kiddos are like mine and all they do is run, run, run, well I’m more than positive your little ones will LOVE this bundle.


A four-set series that is filled with 122 pages of educational fun geared towards Tots, preschoolers, and kindergartens. This bundle is divided into four separate learning sets, that go hand on hand with each other. This bundle will expose them to letter, number, shapes and color recognition, beginning handwriting practice, fine and large motor skills, following directions, matching, sorting and categorizing AND MORE!

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January Book Club

January Book Club

Hey Mama, Hey! Happy New Year! My intentions for this new fresh year is to wake up with a purpose, a goal and to really master the art slow living. To wake up and simply try my hardest to live a joyful life. The truth is, you and only you are ultimately responsible for who you become and how happy you can be. I had a hard time selecting the first book of the year for our book club but for some reason, this little gem would pop up everywhere I would go, so here we go!

2019 Book Selections:

January | Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis

Welcome to the book club. I am going to keep it pretty simple and basic, we will read one book per month starting January 2019, and new readers will only be added at the beginning of each month so I only update the list once.

A few things I like to do along the way while I read is simply underline, or circle anything that catches my eye. I also transfer quotes on to a blank journal that I keep nearby to go back and reread when I need a little inspiration.

I will send out two newsletters and we will have one open discussion here on my site on the last weekday of the end of the month to wrap up our book and introduce the next book selections, both through a blog post, it’s not mandatory to attend. If that doesn’t work, you can simply just read along and jump into any discussions the following month or whenever you are available to join, no problem. I will provide a weekly reading schedule you can use to stay on track, or you can simply read at your own pace.

F.A.Q What to do if you don’t care for the book we are reading? Well, you’ve got two options, Read it anyway. Chances are, you will learn something you didn’t know before or skip it and join us later. Get your book and journal ready, we begin reading Monday, January 7th, 2019. Check your local library to borrow your free copy.

Here are some two of my favorite journals:

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Postpartum Must-Haves: What’s inside My Postpartum Recovery Basket

Postpartum Must-Haves: What’s inside My Postpartum Recovery Basket

It seems like the first thing we do when we are expecting is prepared for the new baby we will soon snuggle in our arms. We gather up things for our hospital bag and collect tiny baby essentials we will soon need. It took me three pregnancies to realize that I never stopped to think about myself, recovery and the afterbirth must-haves.  I don’t think I truly prepared for my recovery like I did this time around, or maybe because no one really talks about the unglamorous reality of postpartum recovery.


Maybe because of our excitement of soon meeting our new baby that we forget about ourselves. Something very important I learned throughout my previous pregnancies is, preparation is the key to a quick recovery and transition. If you have things on hand for the post-op period, you’ll breeze through it, I promise. Your recovery should be about feeling comfortable and slowing getting healthy again. Not about fitting into your skinny jeans right away, be patient and caring to your body. Trust me you will have plenty of time for that later.

What essential products do you need for a post-partum recovery?


+ Belly Binding 

I’m a firm believer of belly binding after giving birth and the benefits it provides. After you give birth, your midsection is deflated, and it takes a while for the abdominal muscles to regain strength and return to its normal size quicker.

You will especially need one if you had a c-section delivery (like me), they add great incision support and help recovery immensely. Wearing a girdle or belly band can relieve lower back and muscle pain. It can also help with posture and repair diastasis recti, which can occur from the uterus growing and stretching out the abdominal muscles. I’m currently wearing a Bellefit Corset and I’m obsessed, the support it provides is incredible I plan to wear it for 30 days, I will provide an update on a separate blog post here on my site. The Bellefit Corset helps new moms recover their belly after giving birth. Made with Medical-grade & Hypoallergenic Fabric, this Corset provides support and compression to help moms have a faster postpartum recovery.

There is a big difference between using a postpartum girdle and waist training, and I wouldn’t want you to confuse the two. Using a postpartum girdle is completely safe and it provides the support your body needs after giving birth to slowly get active again.

+ Sprays, Balms, Lotions and Salves

  • HYDRATING LOTION – Jergens Skin Firming Lotion, the formula features a unique illuminating HYDRALUCENCE blend, Collagen, and Elastin. Improves skin’s resiliency, elasticity, and firmness. It also relieves dryness and replenishes moisture to improve skin’s tone, texture, and luminosity.
  • LIP BALM –  Day and Night
  • ALOE VERA – Apply aloe vera all over your stomach and breast to hydrate your skin.
  • LANOLIN – Nipple cream for breastfeeding provides safe and effective relief for sore nipples

+ Stool Softener

The scariest thing for me after delivering my boys has been passing the first bowel movement, TMI I know but its the truth. This was my third c section and my biggest fears after delivery have been passing gas/bowel movement, sneezing, coughing, or feeling menstrual cramps. Right after surgery, you feel like your insides will fall out with the slightest movement. If you had a c section before, then you know exactly what I’m talking about, even laughing hurts. Ouch! I strongly recommend taking a stool softener to make that first bowel movement easier and less scary. Always make sure to ask your care provider before using.

+ Peppermint Tea 

It helps you increase your fluid intake and ease trapped gas to help with bloating and discomfort. Regular use of peppermint extract is known to reduce breast milk supply. However, you will only need a few doses to shift the trapped win

+ Ginger Tea

Perfect for indigestion, soothes pain, menstrual cramps, headaches and helps with bloating and inflammation. I currently drink 3x cups a day, one after each meal.

+ Peri Bottle

Use your peri bottle every time you use the restroom, keeping your self dry and clean is essential to avoid any infections or urinary tract infections. You can get fancy and purchase a Frida baby MomWasher, I just used the free bottle they gave me at the hospital, its free and gets the job done.

+ Disposable Underwear and Flushable Wipes

Instead of using the mesh underwear and adding a maxi pad like they tell you to do in the hospital I found using disposable underwear like Always Discreet Boutique Underwear a lot more comfortable and helpful. No matter how you deliver your baby, you will have a bloody show after giving birth for a few days, maybe 2 weeks. I used these for the first week, then switched to cotton high-waisted underwear and regular liner pads.

+ Cotton Underwear / Boy Shorts

Big cotton underwear or boy short panties are essential after giving birth if you have a c-section like myself you want to make sure you buy comfortable high-waisted underwear maybe with 25% spandex.

+ Hot/Cold pack 

Keep handy to relieve back pain, if needed.

+ Nursing Bras and/Pads

Finding a nursing bra is simple. If it fits and you feel comfortable, get it! Keep in mind that if you’re shopping before baby arrives, consider buying one or two sizes larger than usual, so you have one ready to wear after birth. Current nursing bras I’m loving.

The Mesh Trim Maternity Bralette

Wireless Full Coverage Nursing Bra

+ Pain Killers

Lastly, keep your pain killers close by, I tried my hardest to deal with the pain instead of reaching for pills. Keep in mind that taking too many pills can cause constipation.

Well there you have it, it truly hope this helps and if you have any question please feel free to email me 

with care,


I Am More Than Just A Mom.

“Your art is not about how many people like your work,  your art is about if your heart likes your work. It’s about if your soul likes your work, it’s about how honest you are with yourself and you must never trade honesty for relatability.” from ‘Milk and Honey’ 

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Lately, I have been feeling like I am drowning in life, with the kids, chores, endless to do’s and wife duties. I am having trouble finding the balance between everything that is currently on my plate. I have been feeling like I don’t have enough time for me, time to do the things I love to do. I love my boys, I love my husband and I love dedicating my entire life to them. I feel so blessed and I truly do love my life. But sometimes I wish time would sit still to be able to take off my mom hat just for a second and just sit there and breathe. Somedays I wake up to the smell of delicious pre-made coffee and other times I wake up to the smell of my roommate’s stinky overflowing dirty diaper. Some days are filled with rainbows and unicorns and other’s well, we simply stay in our PJs and just cry.


The other day I meet this incredible woman at Michael’s who said to me, “Hey you’re mrsfriastorres from Instagram?” I turned around and said, “what?” She smiled and said “I love your blog and your Instagram posts. I love you as a woman, mother and human being. I love how much I can relate to you and I love how real you are with your words.” She then asked me, “What do you love doing most, like what sets your soul on fire aside from being a mom?” I completely choked and for the very first time, I felt like someone was actually interested in what I like to do and for the first time in a very long time I felt like my old self and I remember exactly why I created this space. CONTINUE READING!

“My greatest blessings call me Mom.”

Adjusting to a family of four has been extremely hard but who I think had the hardest time was Sebastian. It wasn’t that he didn’t love his baby brother, I think at first it was difficult because I don’t think he understood why out of the blue he now had to share everything in his life. I think the hardest part was having to share mommy and daddy’s time and attention. Sebastian used to have all of our attention all the time no matter what we were doing, we have always made sure Sebastian knew he was our main priority ALWAYS. Now our job is to make sure they equally know that.

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One day he told me “Mama why don’t you have time for me anymore?” I think I cried night after night after he told me that. I was determined to find a special easy way to make sure Sebastian felt loved. So “Sebastian and Mommy time” was born. CONTINUE READING!