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Hello, my book club readers! October fly by just like this book! I devoured this book page by page, and I think I underlined every single word. Wow! She is so spot on how motherhood can be so overwhelming, life in general. How much we are consumed with meaningless things instead of focus all of our energy on the meaningful and important things in our lives. She talked about finding glory, joy, how to heal the past and learn to move on to expanding the future, and how to choose LOVE first. This book was the perfect reminder I have been looking for!

What brought me to pick this book?


Honestly, I think the book came to me, one night while I was walking the empty aisles of Target, I remember feeling completely out of energy, I remember not being able to breathe because I felt so overwhelmed with trying to do everything and getting frustrated when nothing would get done. I felt like the kids were driving me insane, like the house chores were never-ending and I simply couldn’t keep up. Just the other day I told you guys on an Instagram post that every morning I would wake up feeling like crap, I had no energy, lacked inspiration and motivation. I kept comparing my self to other Instagram moms, you know the ones with the perfect little squares and million followers. I was so consumed with social media and felt the need to constantly post something all the time and at that exact moment, like if I didn’t share it the world would end. Why? I have no idea. Like who the hell cares?

I had gone to target that night to get baby formula for Max and milk for Sebastian, and every time I go to target I love to walk around and see if I find anything good in the clearance sections throughout the store. So as I was digging through the marked down broken or damaged items there it was the perfect book with the perfect title “Only Love Today” as I read the title I took a deep breath, as if I needed to hear those words that day so much, I immediately grabbed it and without checking if it was on clearance or not I took my milk, baby formula and my new book to the nearest cashier, feeling completely different.

On my way home, I cried until I couldn’t cry anymore, I asked God for forgiveness and I told him I needed his help more than ever, I grabbed my book and somehow I open to the page where it read “I asked God to use me as a messenger, to use my hands, heart, and eyes to write short reflections that would breathe life into weary bones, cultivate hope in hopeless hearts, and pint each day in a positive direction.“ (pg `12)  I felt like God had spoken to me without actually using any words and at that moment Dear Mom, I Get it Now, was born. I felt like God had handed me a gift, a voice to help and inspire others in a positive way.

Unfortunately, I had more on my plate this month that I had realized, and wasn’t the most organized person this month. My laptop is old and has been crashing all month-long, but I am throwing the excuses out the window and I hope November’s Book Club runs a lot more smoothly. I received so many good feedback on this book from many of you reading it and that truly brought me pure joy! I truly believe this book is for everyone, not just mothers. I hope you guys are as excited about the next book as I am. Please be free to suggest any books you guys think would be a good fit for the Book Club.

I wanted to keep it simple so I only put together 3 reflection questions and attached my answers as well, fill free to express your thoughts below in the comment section.

Reflection Questions?

  1. After reading “Ony Love Today” What did you learn from, take away from, or get out of this book? Answer: I learned to be present in life, I learned that to able to truly enjoy the life you live, you must learn to love yourself, your dear ones and life as is. Because when you learned to throw perfection out the window life is so much better! This book has truly taught me how to understand kindness, empathy, and grace. To daily try my best to love others the way I want to be loved.
  2. Share a favorite quote from the book. Why did this quote stand out and how did it make you feel? Answer: This is a hard question for me simply because every word in this book spoke to me in such a powerful way, but if I had to choose it would be when Rachel talks about how her daughter Natalie, had become interested in making loose-leaf iced tea and how she fully appreciated what was transpiring from simply sitting down, hands free watching her daughter handmake ice tea for her. The quote that inspired me was when she said, “One day it dawned on me why. The same place where Natalie made tea was precisely where I smashed a casserole dish in a moment of anger and overwhelm. And when I did, I scared that precious child, who happened to be rinsing off her dinner plate at the time.” (pg, 17) she expressed how everything Natalie handed her a glass of fresh tea it felt as if her daughter was handing her “forgiveness, redemption and a promise of a new dawn” I remember crying as I was reading this because for months I have been beating myself over not being that perfect mom and wife that has it all together all the time. I remember telling myself, I am enough and that night I learned that its okay not to be perfect, because your children won’t remember if their dinner was handmade or if it was takeout, they won’t remember how much you killed your self for having a spotless and clean home, and that’s okay, because all I want them to remember is how much their mama loves them.
  3. What’s one thing you would love to change your life after reading this book? Answer: This one is simple, to wake up daily with a happy, grateful heart, every day we have a choice to wake up either loving life, something in between or simply hating life. But what we don’t realize is, we should wake up grateful to be alive, especially with all the tragedies happing around the world right now! We forget that God allows us to have a fresh new beginning every day and we forget to appreciate the gift of having a life.

I will introduce our next book tomorrow which we will start to read, Monday, November 9th, and if you are on the newsletter mailing list you will get your first email tomorrow am with all the details of our new book along with key dates to mark on your calendar. I hope to start sending weekly emails with reflection questions for our next book. We will also be having two discussions, one halfway through, and one at the end to wrap things up. If you or a friend would like to join November’s Book Club be sure to sign up here.

Please fill free to comment your thoughts, likes, and dislikes about the book “Only Love Today” below.

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