Girl, Stop Apologizing | Week One

Hello to those old and new! I hope you are all having a lovely morning. I hope everyone has their book ready because today is day one of reading Girl, stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis. 

A few things I like to do along the way while I read is simply underline, or circle anything that catches my eye. I also transfer quotes on to a blank journal that I keep nearby to go back and reread when I need a little inspiration.


NEW JOURNAL: Practice You: A Journal

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Week One | Reading Schedule

+ Wednesday 3/ 6

Introduction: What if . . . . XI

+ Thursday 3/7

  • Excuse 1: That’s Now What Other Women Do . . . 3

+ Friday 3/8

  • Excuse 2: I’m Not a Goal – Oriented Person . . . 16
  • Excuse 3: I Don’t Have Time . . . 20

+Saturday 3/9

  • Excuse 4: I’m Not Enough to Succeed . . . 29

+ Sunday 3/10

  • Excuse 5: I Can’t Pursue My Dreams and Still Be a Good Mother . . . 41
May 7, 2019


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