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A small shop inspired by my children to bring you hands-on learning resources and spark creativity in your child’s everyday life.

“Quality time with your child is an investment that pays off, BIG TIME”

You know what I love most is when my boys are learning through fun hands-on activities and they don’t even notice how much their big brains are learning. The most frequent question I get asked is “How do you manage to teach your little ones when all they want to do is run around and won’t sit still?”

Well, that answer is simple, I choose activities that they are interested in, like creating shape play-doh cookies and pretending we work at a bakery, counting and sorting their hot wheels or LEGOS by shape or color, by playing “What do you see” while we are driving. Reading books together, and scheduling time to really sit down and intentionally play with them is my daily main goal.

I feel that teaching to me comes natural and when someone mentioned the idea they were interested in my printables I knew I had to create something simple for you to teach and your children to really enjoy doing because I believe learning should never feel like work or spend endless boring time doing workbooks pages.

You need to remember that small children’s only job is to PLAY, PLAY, PLAY and you need to take advantage of all that energy and if your little kiddos are like mine and all they do is run, run, run, well I’m more than positive your little ones will LOVE this bundle.


A four-set series that is filled with 122 pages of educational fun geared towards Tots, preschoolers, and kindergartens. This bundle is divided into four separate learning sets, that go hand on hand with each other. This bundle will expose them to letter, number, shapes and color recognition, beginning handwriting practice, fine and large motor skills, following directions, matching, sorting and categorizing AND MORE!

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January 2, 2019


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