Homemade body coffee scrub for flawless glowing skin.

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If your skin is looking dry, uneven, or gray, you may need to exfoliate it. A few days ago I shared on my Instagram story a bit of how I make my own exfoliating body scrub at home with using only 3 ingredients that may be sitting in your kitchen right now. Exfoliating is a huge part of my skincare routine because my skin is very dry year round and extremely sensitive so sometimes it’s hard to find store-bought skincare items that won’t irritate my skin. img_0150Ever wonder why when you go tanning or self-tan you don’t achieve a clean even tan no matter what you do? or what about your makeup, ever wonder why your foundation sometimes has a bit of a textured feeling, looks a bit flaky and cakey?

Not because you are doing wrong but simply because you are applying your makeup products on top of your dead skin. In order to achieve a flawless makeup look, you must provide a clean smooth canvas first. Don’t believe all those youtube beauty gurus, when they tell you that achieving a flawless look you only need a good primer. When dead skin starts to pile up it causes your skin to look dull and rough and clogs your pores no matter how expensive your primer might be. Exfoliation is super important and very beneficial for your skin and here is why. Exfoliating with coffee grounds has many advantages; not only does it exfoliate leaving your skin incredibly smooth and brighter, but it makes the appearance of cellulite look lighter temporarily when improving cell circulation by exfoliating. Coffee is loaded with antioxidants and it decreases skin inflammation. When you exfoliate you are shedding old dry uneven bumpy dead skin leaving your new brighter, younger skin looking fresh and healthy. So now that you know why you should exfoliate here is a super easy home recipe you can try at home.

Here is what you need:

+ 1 cup of finely ground coffee.

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+ 1 cup of raw or regular sugar or sea salt (brown sugar works too) + 1/2 cup of extra virgin olive oil.

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+ 1 cup of sea salt (optional)

Directions: In a large mixing bowl combine all ingredients: coffee grounds, raw sugar, and extra virgin olive oil. Mix until you get the perfect blend add it to a wide mouth mason jar and make sure to seal it after every use and don’t get water in it.  

Easy as that! Give it try and let me know what you think! – Donna

September 13, 2017
September 26, 2017


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