I just drink coffee and pretend I know what I am doing, don’t you?

Hello and let me officially welcome you to my home and lifestyle blog “Dear Mom, I get it now.” My name is Donna Torres and I am here to tell you my story, to share my struggles and my wins. To hopefully inspire you in many ways, to fall in love with yourself before you find that special someone who not only is proud to have you but who will always work hard to keep you. To never stop dreaming, to never lose hope, to never stop until you have everything you deserve. Unconditional love, real support, true happiness, and find peace of mind. 4d9a1b907254927507fed0ce2f1e1c3b

I would be lying if I told you my life is perfect, or that getting here has been easy. I am lucky enough to have married such an amazing person. My husband Jose is the most selfless person I know. He would truly give it all up just for us. On January 25, 2014, he made me the luckiest women on earth. He didn’t just change my last name he truly changed my entire world. He gave me hope that real love does exist, real imperfect true unconditional love. I don’t think I give this man enough credit and I hope he truly knows how much he means to me. He gave me the best gift of all. The gift of being someone’s mother.Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

My husband and my two boys are the most important people in my life. I believe every child is special but these two are something else. My oldest is three years old and his name is Sebastian Rafael Torres. He truly can survive of milk, ice cream, popcorn, and Oreos, if I let him. He has the most voluminous big curly hair I have ever seen and the most precious little face. Sebastian loves many things, but who he loves most of all is his little brother, Maximiliano Cristian Torres. Max is ten months old and the only thing this kid loves is FOOD. He is pure joy and is always smiling. Max has the most delicious kisses in the world and we just can’t get enough of him around here.

Thank you so much for stopping by I have so much more to share with you guys like, how I am more than just a mom. FullSizeRenderAbout what I love and what truly makes my heart sing. We will talk about feelings, intuition, all the bad and good, the crazy and the unedited truth about parenthood. What I’m currently reading,  I will share my favorite food recipes, all about daily routines and rituals incorporating herbs and essential oils plus so MUCH more. So don’t forget to subscribe via email so you never miss a post!


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